Are all the images on the website real?
Yes, all the pictures and videos which we post on our website and on Adhiroha's social media accounts are true and real content. At Adhiroha, you will get to experience the surreal beauty you see in the pictures.
What types of Asanas styles are taught in Adhiroha?
We teach Multi-style Asanas in Adhiroha with a main focus on Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga. Hatha Yoga is the most traditional and ancient style of learning asanas & Ashtanga series of asanas with Vinyasa flow. In addition to that, we offer Adjustment Alignment classes to learn the correct alignment of asanas and how to adjust them on different body types.
How experienced are the teachers?
Adhiroha has a team of professionally qualified and well-versed educators. All of our teachers are “Yoga Acharyas” and have Master’s degrees in their own specific fields with an experience of 8-20 years.
What differentiates Adhiroha from other schools of Yoga in Rishikesh?

We know that Yoga is not just about a certificate it's an experience and learning for the life. Here are a few factors that differentiate us from other Yoga schools in Rishikesh & make us a preferred choice.

A. Quality of Yoga Education: We follow authentic and traditional teachings. All of our teachers are not only qualified but exceptionally good at what they teach. Each subject has a dedicated teacher. We do not compromise the quality of teaching by providing all classes by the same teacher or hiring an intern. One of the best team we have across town.

B. Unbeatable Living Standards: Our residential quarters and accommodation are extremely good and comfortable as compared to the market standards. Adhiroha Ashram is located up in the hills of upper Tapovan in Rishikesh, surrounded by lush green forests, natural springs and a soothing breeze.

C. Surreal Scenery: Located in absolute peaceful and serene surroundings away from the crowd, noises, and hustle & bustle of the market. Time to say goodbye to other vertical buildings of the town.

D. Food That Supports Yoga: You become what you eat. Adhiroha provides balance of Satvik and Ayurvedic diet; suitable for the yoga practitioners by keeping in mind the intensity and nutrients required during the course. Sourced from organic and fresh farms and prepare in a most yogic way to ensure it fulfils the purpose of eating food. You will get a variety of options, simple yet delicious.

E. Experience Yoga: Experience yoga with Adhiroha, where the connection to the body and mind is understood. Adhiroha offers a unique and meaningful experience, beyond traditional yoga teachings. The overall experience students gets at Adhiroha is unmatchable by any other school in all of Rishikesh.

Can I get a discount on the course fees?
We work hard to give our students the best overall experience at Adhiroha & we believe that for all the candidates, the fulfilling journey of yoga is worth more than any mere discount.The Fee structure is fixed and standard for every student.
Do I need to bring yoga mat with me?
Yoga mat and all other props which will be needed during the training, will be available at our Yoga Shala.