About Program


  • Students are requested to arrive a day prior to the commencement of the course. Students arriving prior to the day before would be complied to pay for the number of (extra) days for accommodation and food.

  • Students should pay their fee in full at the time of arrival and before the commencement of the course. The registration fee is non refundable. Due to any reason If the student leaves the course before completion, the fee will not be refunded. All Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted for future courses.

Timing and Schedule

  • We inculcate the values of Yoga through consistent practice of yoga conduct. Hence, classes are held from Thursday to Tuesday and students ought to stay on the premises throughout this period.

  • Wednesday is a rest day, signed up for restoring energy. Yoga learners are allowed to spend their day off-campus. Please note daily gate closing time is 09:00 PM IST.

Dress Code

  • Upper: T-shirts with Sleeves.

  • Bottom: full-length

Residential Guidelines

We hope you will enjoy your stay and make optimum use of our facilities. Students/ Guests are kindly requested to observe the rules outlined, for a safe and comfortable stay.

  • Students are requested to keep their rooms and cupboard secure under lock. The institute is not responsible for the loss of any valuables.

  • Any damage to fixtures, furniture, electronic items or any kind of property damage caused will be charged extra.

  • When the students/guests go out of their room they should switch off all the electrical/ electronic appliances, and keep the door closed (at all times).

  • Washing laundry in the washroom is strictly prohibited. Please contact management for the service.

  • Don’t dry your clothes on the balcony. There is a designated laundry line to dry your clothes behind the residential area.

  • Please do not place your personal belongings on the Patio/Lobby/Common Areas.

  • In order to maintain hygiene standards, even in cases where guests request not to clean their rooms, we will clean every alternate day at the least. However, the management retains the right to clean at any time deemed necessary.

  • Management will not be responsible for valuables or money lost from rooms. Keys must be deposited at the office at the time of check out. Loss of keys: Rs. 2000 will be charged.

  • Students are not allowed to enter the other students/guests room.

  • Please do not feed anything to monkeys or any animals on the premises.

  • Talking loudly over the phone, playing games, listening to music or watching any videos on the phone during the day/night in the premises/ common area or in the shared room is strictly not allowed. They must take utmost care not to disturb the peace of fellow students on the premises and in the rooms.

  • During winters, hot water will be provided through solar energy. In case of rain/clouds or any unforeseen circumstances, students need to understand and cooperate.

Yoga Hall Regulations

To truly enjoy yoga and share space with others in a yogic spirit, it’s important to conduct yourself in a certain way. Here are 8 things to consider:

  • Keep It Down: Yoga Shala is considered as a meditation space, when you walk into the shala, even if your class doesn’t start for another few minutes, you should move quietly and talk as little as possible.

  • Leave Electronics In Room: Chatting, texting, checking your messages or e-mails on your gadgets - none of this is acceptable yogic behaviour.

  • Do Not Clutter: Do not bring a pile of personal belongings into class. Items other than a bottle of water and a yoga bag clutter the space. At the beginning of the class you can use the mats and props that you need and once the class is over please roll your mats, fold the blankets and place the rest of the props in their designated space. Taking out the props or any other items from Shala to your rooms or any other place is strictly prohibited.

  • Shoes Off: You need to take your shoes off at the designated space. Do not bring them into the shala,. Similarly, it’s considered very rude to step on someone else’s mat, even on bare feet. It’s a cleanliness and respect issue.

  • Attendance: Students should maintain the decorum of the classes throughout the training period. If student want to miss any class, he/she needs to make an entry into the administrator register mentioning the reason of missing classes each time. Without intimation, student will not be eligible for the certificate.

  • Be On Time: Sincere advice to all students to be on time. Walking in last/late disrupts the class, particularly when the instructor is already in the shala. Latecomers will not be allowed.

  • Don’T Leave Early: Stepping out while others are still in savasana (corpse pose, which you do at the end ) would interrupt the class. If there is something you can’t avoid or an emergency then please let yourself out very quietly making sure the rest of the class is not disturbed.

  • Share The Space: Adhiroha’s beautiful yoga shala is spacious enough to accommodate a decent number of students. However please ensure to place your mats in an aligned fashion and make space for yourself and others to practice comfortably.

Food and Dining Hall Guidelines

  • All the students should strictly follow the timings of the dining hall. No food will be reserved for the latecomers.

  • Any other food/drink requests will be charged extra at a special price.

  • In no case, a student/guest can enter the kitchen either to collect food or to communicate with kitchen staff.

  • Food will not be served in rooms and the residents are not supposed to take food from the dining hall to their rooms.

  • Students/guests on no account will be permitted to take utensils such as plates, spoons, tumblers, etc. to their rooms

  • After eating food, diners shall leave the glass, cup, plate, waste food etc. in the designated area.

  • Students/guests must inform their non-availability (in case they are skipping any meal) to the management or chef well in advance to avoid wastage of food. Anyone failing to comply will be charged for the next meal at a regular price.

  • Those who are late from class for any meal or want a meal earlier must inform the management or staff in advance.

  • No visitors or any friends of the resident are allowed in the residential block and in the Shala area. You are free to invite your friends and socialise in the dining area, prior intimation to the management.

Others Guidelines

  • Management holds all rights to decide and change the daily schedule and food items according to the availability and climatic conditions of the place. Return all the books back to the library before check out.

  • To capture the place, people, classes or events by audio, video, photos, etc. All recordings are allowed with the condition that the Adhiroha has first rights to claim copyrights, to publish online and to decline permission for usage in any personal or professional capacity. Adhiroha to be ‘Tagged’ on all Social Media posts, if captured in the premises.

  • We have limited internet bandwidth. Hence we request all our guests to use it for emails/communication and avoid unreasonable upload/download activities. On rare occasions, Internet lines can be broken and it can take a day. The Management is not under any obligation to provide uninterrupted internet.

  • You are advised to use your own discretion in participating or trying various teachings or techniques taught at Adhiroha. The management is not liable for any injury, illness, accident or unexpected consequences.

  • Entering/Diving is not allowed in the natural water body. The depth of the natural water body is 1 foot only. It is built only for aesthetic purposes.

  • Students should not involve in any sort of arguments with anyone (Teachers/Peers/ Staff/Management). Failure to comply will lead to strict action against them and disbarment from the course.

Please Note

  • Students/Guests violating any of the rules, will be notified with a request/warning on the first instance and repetition of the same or any other action will attract a penalty charge of USD 10 for each of the instances.

  • The money collected from the fine will be used for social initiatives activities conducted by Adhiroha.

  • On Wednesday breakfast will be served as per scheduled and no lunch & dinner will be provided. Students/Guests are free to eat outside.

Zero Tolerance Policies

Upon non compliance of the below guidelines, Student will be disbarred from the course immediately. No excuses or reasoning will be entertained.

  • Students should not wear clothes like shorts, sleeveless tops or crop tops, backless tops in the premises.

  • Consumption of alcohol, non-vegetarian food, smoking or coming to the campus intoxicated is strictly prohibited. Consumption of drugs or intoxication inducing substances can cause not only dismissal from the program but also will be subjected to legal action from local police.

  • No Hugging or Kissing inside the premises. At Adhiroha social way of greeting is ‘Aum Namaha Shivaya’ with Namaste mudra and smile on the face.

  • No harassment, proposals or innuendos with a sexual connotation will be tolerated during the course or stay or any activity organised by the management/school. Any guest or student who feels he/she is a victim of unsolicited advances or any other form of sexual harassment is advised to notify the management immediately so that corrective action can be ensured without any delay, with legal action if needed.

|| 🙏Sarve Jana Sujano Bhavantu, Sarve Sujana Sukhinobhavantu 🙏||